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Balqees Adebola is a young entrepreneur who wanted to provide a natural and halal home to herself and her loved ones: from the food they eat to the soaps and creams they use to the intention behind it all, this idea paved way for a business that caters to the skincare needs of many Nigerians. In the summer of 2014, B’s Naturals skincare was founded in Lagos, Nigeria and has since then continued to grow beyond bounds.

Wardah: May I know the personality behind B’s Naturals?

Balqees: I am a graduate of Mass Communication from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria. I worked as a journalist for over 8 years in the mainstream media industry before I went into corporate communications for another two years. B’s Naturals started after I left the corporate world. I am married with four children.

Wardah: What inspired you to venture into the natural skincare industry?

Balqees; I really don’t want to sound cliché right now but my hair actually inspired the natural beauty business. Having a very tender scalp and very dry, coarse hair which was difficult to manage drove me to wanting to find a natural and organic solution to natural hair problems generally. Back in the days, we were told that water is our hair’s worst enemy; I found out that my hair couldn’t thrive without it. And so I took my first steps to producing water based organic hair products for myself and others who needed it.

Wardah: What are your core green ethics?

Balqees: The three R’s; Reduce, Reuse and Recycle are our core green ethics. To the best of our ability, we try to conserve natural resources as well as reduce wastage to the barest minimum.

Wardah: How are your materials sourced?

Balqees: Our ingredients are 98% locally sourced. We purchase from local farmers’ markets across Nigeria. We believe that by doing this, we will help improve the economy of our country, encourage farmers’ and small businesses and of course, help put food on the tables of those who do all the hard work to make our own work easier.

Wardah: As a Muslim, What Islamic Environmental Principles do you apply to your business?

Balqees: We have it as a core principle that while working hard to bring the best of organic skincare products to our customers, we try as much as possible to protect and preserve the environment. As a Muslim-owned business, our locally – sourced materials are 100% plant – based which is essential in reducing carbon footprint to save our planet. We protect nature to preserve it for generations to come after us Bi IdniLlah!

Wardah: What range of products do you offer to your customers?

Balqees: We have a wide range of wonderful organic skin and hair care products. We produce hair butters, hair lotions, hair growth oils, super-moisturizing fruit-based bar soaps, black soap pastes, body washes, body lotions, body creams, lip scrubs, lip balms, body oils, herbal baby lotions, herbal baby washes, face and body scrubs, hands and feet creams, stretch mark creams to mention a few.

Wardah: What do you have to say to your customers?

Balqees: Thank you. We appreciate your support in helping our business grow. Every product you purchase from us is a conscious attempt to help save our environment.

You can find B’s Naturals products online at www.bsnaturals.com.ng and she is also on instagram.com/bsnaturalsnigeria

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Wardah Abbas is a Muslimah, wife, freelance writer, editor and blogger based in Nigeria. She has passion for everything Islam, green and holistic living as well as a beautiful lifestyle. She has written articles for various media including SISTERS Magazine and the Survival of the Hardworking Charity Anthology. When Wardah is not writing, hanging out with friends and family or volunteering at an event, she can be found in the kitchen whipping up edible ingredients into skin beauty products.

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