In recent times, urban farming is becoming a worldwide trend. From the large urban city of Chicago to the highly populated city of Cairo, many have taken the leap from purchasing highly processed food on the shelves of supermarkets to growing their own food. This new trend is making waves in a lot of developed countries as every available plot of land, warehouse, rooftop, back garden or even large balconies is being exploited for growing a lot of fresh garden produce. The impact of this both on the lives of people and more especially on the environment cannot be quantified.

City farmers are now enjoying the benefits of having to spend less by growing their own, rather than purchasing expensive produce from the malls. They are also coming together to form associations aimed at learning and growing together to boost sustainability. Organizations to help realize the benefits of urban farming have also began to spring up from various angles. One of these NGOs based in Michigan is called “urbanfarming” (www.urbanfarming.org) which is aimed at creating an abundance of food for people in need by supporting and encouraging the establishment of gardens on unused land and space while increasing diversity and raising awareness for health and wellness. Part of the produce grown in these communities is also deposited to local food banks which have been established to fulfill the needs of the needy.

In the Muslim world, especially in Cairo, the urban farming movement has led many to converting rooftops into gardens, owing to the fact that Cairo suffers from a high population density and a minimal space for vegetation and farm produce. Palestinian refugees have also began to grow vegetables and other farm produce on rooftops in a refugee camp In Bethlehem. This all goes to reveal the practicability of urban farming all over the world. It takes only a space for gardening and a will to make little efforts to better the lives of the community and to green the earth.

This is a lesson especially for citizens in every part of the world suffering from economic recession at all levels. A little change in determination, mindset and lifestyle is all it takes to make the planet a better place for us to live. So what are you waiting for? Wouldn’t you rather join this movement?