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Asalaamu’alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

pic-for-about-us-pageI welcome you to the Green Muslim lifestyle blog. I welcome you to a life that is forever green in this life and the one to come after.

Have you ever wondered what it means to be a Green Muslim? And how possible it is to achieve this? In shaa Allah, it is what Allah (SWT) intends for us during and after our sojourn in this life; if only we follow the manual laid down for us to achieve this. The Green Muslim is forever beautiful in all ramifications. We have heard stories of a lot of our role models in Islam; stories of their exquisite beauties, their evergreen love stories, their selfless characters, their dauntless resolves, their stoic faith and what have you. Whether we want to achieve this or not, these stories remain evergreen in the hearts and minds of us all as we try to picture each character in our minds eye. We address each one of them as if we could see and hear them. As if we could feel them around us. The reality is that their presence is still felt centuries after their departure from this world. We still breathe in the air they breathe and we are so much inspired and motivated to be like them. They are our evergreen models, beautiful and timeless in ways that cannot be overestimated.

So what exactly was it about them that made them climb such height and attain a status that will forever be cherished here in the dunya and in the hereafter. What exactly was their secret to remaining fresh in the hearts and minds of those who never even dreamt to have been born during their sojourn here? The answer lies in that five letter word “GREEN”. Green is not just a colour. It is a character trait that is next to being a Muslim. It is one big identity that a lot of Muslims are not even aware about subconsciously. Being green is what the greatest man that ever walked this earth, our noble Prophet (SAW) imbibed in his family and companions, both male and female that made them evergreen. This is because being green cannot be detached from being muslim. The pristine deen which was brought to us through our Noble Prophet (SAW) was a green one; One that covers all aspects of our entire being. Whether it is in practicing the deen effectively, taking care of our physical appearances in a way that we won’t look so worn out when the old age sets in, in making our marriages a model for the world, in raising the best children for the next generation, in our relationships with friends, families and strangers, in pursuing careers or becoming great entrepreneurs and many more areas that cannot be exhausted, the key is to lead a green life. But unfortunately, over the years, we seem to have either forgotten or overlooked the impact of this in our life here and the one to follow.

Green Muslim is here to rekindle that knowledge and begin the journey with you from the scratch. This journey is to a beautiful destination; one that will make you enjoy your hectic modern lives as Muslims, make you fall head over heels in love with your creator, make you men and women that never grow old and help you achieve your goals in the easiest way ever. One that in decades to come, when you look back in time and see your footprints at all the points you ever walked in this life, there won’t be an iota of doubt that you have truly lived the life you have always wanted. I want you all to ponder over this and decide whether you are ready to come with me on this beautiful and never ending journey. I will follow this up with more reasons why you should enjoy this smooth ride with me.

Here’s to being a Green Muslim!!!

Maa salaam


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